Welcome back, NC State students!

Hillsborough Street construction image

Good news the south side of the Hillsborough Street is done, except for landscaping and a few odds and ends. Construction activity moved to the north side of the corridor during the summer months, and there are new traffic patterns and vehicular and pedestrian detours in place.

With all the work going on along the north side of Hillsborough Street, it is imperative to follow all pedestrian detours. Hillsborough Street Pedestrians, please use the new sidewalks on the south side of the street for walking east and west along the corridor. Refrain from using the sidewalks on the north side as much as possible. The sidewalks along the north side of the street are not passable in many places and are inside the construction zone, which can put pedestrians at risk for injury. Even if work is not actively in progress in a section, the area is still dangerous for pedestrians.

Crosswalks are located at Gardner Street, Dixie Trail and Dan Allen Drive for access to the local businesses. If pedestrians need to walk inside of the work zone to gain access to a business, we ask that they exercise extreme caution.

Packapalooza is this weekend. There will be no construction activity during the weekend, but we ask that pedestrians refrain from walking inside the work zones on the north side of the street as much as possible.

There are also some street closures along the corridor to be aware of: Shepherd Street, Bagwell Avenue, and Brooks Avenue will all remain closed at the Hillsborough Street intersection through September. The NC State Brooks parking lot and the State Employees Credit Union parking lot will remain open while the Brooks Avenue work is being completed, but is only accessible from the Clark Avenue side of Brooks Avenue. 

Pipeline Utilities has requested that the streets remain closed to through traffic while they complete the curb and gutter installation and the rest of the underground utilities that run up and across those streets. Keeping the streets closed will allow them to work faster and once the streets open to traffic again they should remain open without disruption until the end of the project when final paving operations take place.

There is not a designated left turn lane at Dan Allen Drive at this time. It is necessary to block off a lane, so the workers have room to construct the improvements across from Dan Allen Drive. The traffic signal for the east bound traffic does have a delay relative to the west bound green light, allowing a window of opportunity for left turns.

While installing storm drains in front of J & J Auto, crews unearthed an old abandoned underground storage tank from when it was a gas station. Currently, the project manager and pipeline Utilities are in the process of making arraignments for the safe removal and cleanup of the area. In the meantime, the crew changed gears and is completing the water main installation on Bagwell Avenue. Next week they will resume their work installing the storm drains between Bagwell and Brooks.

Here is a rundown of what we can expect to see going on along the corridor for rest of August;

  • A crew will install storm drains between Bagwell Avenue and Brooks Avenue;
  • Certified Concrete will begin installing new curb and gutter from Brooks Avenue to Gardner Street;
  • Carolina Conduit Systems will install the underground electrical and telecommunication conduit from Dixie Trail to Bagwell Avenue;
  • More sewer services will be reconnected;
  • Southern gardens will install the tree wells between Brooks Avenue and Gardner Street;
  • Work will start on the retaining wall located at the NC State parking lot on Brooks Avenue;
  • A full weekend detour is scheduled to take place Friday night, August 25, through Sunday night, August 27, while water and sewer mains are brought across Hillsborough Street at Shepherd Street.