Weekly Construction Update, September 30, 2016

Posted Friday, September 30, 2016

On Tuesday night, September 27, PSNC crews were able to complete their work on Rosemary Street. They finished by capping a gas line that is located in the intersection of Rosemary Street and Hillsborough Street.  The work required that they close Hillsborough Street in that area. Pipeline crews were able to take advantage of this road closure to complete a couple of other tasks as well. Crews installed a pair of watermain taps at Shepherd Street and Rosemary Street, and they installed a 6’ x 12’ precast electric manhole in front of Sub-Conscious.

Night crews also continued their work on the storm drains running from the middle of Stanhope to the intersection of Friendly Drive this week. Next week they are scheduled to begin work installing a 16-inch watermain across Friendly Drive.

Other work that took place this week was the continuation of storm drain installation at Concord Street, watermain installation near Gardner Street, and electrical conduit was installed near Gardner Street, tying in with the phase 1 conduit.

Looking ahead to next week, contractors are planning on taking advantage of NC State’s fall break and have a few large tasks planned to take place during that time.

Starting on Sunday night, Pipeline crews plan to begin installing a 16-inch watermain running from the east side of Friendly Drive towards the Stanhope building.

On Wednesday evening contractors are scheduled to close a portion of Friendly Drive at the intersection of Hillsborough Street. They plan to have work continue on Friendly Drive day and night through Friday night. This section of Friendly Drive is scheduled to be paved and open to traffic in time for the students return on Sunday and Monday.

PSNC and Google Fiber are also scheduled to be working along Friendly Drive during this time.

Dan Allen Drive is also scheduled to see some major work take place this coming week. On Thursday, October 6, a very large underground electrical vault is scheduled to be delivered and installed. Before installation, on Tuesday, October 4, fencing and traffic control devices will be installed on the east side of the 2811 building so that crews can begin excavating.  Dan Allen Drive will have a single lane closure on Tuesday and Wednesday, with flaggers on hand to direct traffic as needed, while the pre-work of excavating, hauling dirt and other prep work is completed. On Thursday, October 7, Dan Allen Drive will be closed and will remain closed until the vault is installed and connected to the concrete duct banks running east and west on Hillsborough Street. The work is estimated to be completed, and Dan Allen Drive reopened by late Saturday afternoon (extending to Sunday, if required). The Wolfline bus system is scheduled to detour around this section of Dan Allen Drive during the fall break due to this work.

Pipeline crews are also scheduled to start installing sanitary sewer lines running from Concord Street west towards Stanhope Avenue next week.