Watermain Leak and Daisy Street

Hillsborough Street image

Posted Tuesday, March 28

Pipeline Utilities encountered a watermain leak that needs to be resolved before completion of the sanitary sewer line and manhole installation in front of Daisy Street.

A 12-inch aging watermain that runs along Daisy Street is leaking in two places; one at the valve in the intersection of Hillsborough Street and the other near Douglass Street. The watermain is scheduled to be abandoned when the project switches to the north side later this spring. However, to finish the sanitary sewer work in the middle lane closure at Daisy Street, the leak must be stopped.

The contractor is scheduling a crew to install an insertion valve about 60-feet off Hillsborough Street, just south of Cup A Joe’s water services. They plan to close Daisy Street, expose the watermain to confirm the size of valve required, then close the hole up, and reopen the street.

Within a few days, the contractor plans to close Daisy Street again to install the valve. After the installation of the insertion valve, a City of Raleigh, Public Utility crew, will close off valves to the east and west of the intersection, shutting off the flow to this section of the watermain.

The contractor’s crew will then turn their attention to the watermain leak in the intersection of Hillsborough Street. They will cut the line twice and cap it off on each side, removing a segment of pipe and installing the new sanitary sewer manhole.

Currently, Pipeline Utilities is finalizing the logistics of this work. Once the details are worked out, they will request a street closure for Daisy Street. When a date is established, a notice will be posted to the website and sent to Hillsborough Street, project update subscribers.

While Pipeline crews are working on Daisy Street, PSNC will pinch off a gas line in the area to facilitate gas line relocation work they have coming up along the street later this spring.