Unforeseen Circumstances

Construction images

Posted Friday, Sept. 15

Every construction project has its unforeseen circumstances, and the Hillsborough Street Project, Phase II is no exception. 

When you work on a busy street like Hillsborough Street, you expect to find some unexpected conflicts, especially a street as rich in history as Hillsborough Street is. In Phase I, the contractor found old trolley tracks under the pavement, so we figured we would find some goodies along the way during Phase II, and yep we have, but nothing as fun as old trolley tracks. A side note, some of the old trolley tracks have been utilized along the rain garden in front of 2811 Hillsborough Street.

Last week, we removed an old gas storage tank the contractors unearthed in front of J & J Auto, and this week we found another tank about 15 feet east from the first.  The good news on the second tank is that work was able to continue around the tank until it can be removed within the next week or so. Both tanks were out in the right-of-way, which is an indicator of their age. Earlier in the project, the contractor discovered contaminated soil across the street from what is now Triangle Motorsports, and then PSNC found some more contaminated soil next to Campus Auto.

The contractor has also identified several potential underground conflicts between an existing high-value AT&T duct bank and the new storm drain system being installed along the corridor. A team will be conducting some potholing along the north side of the street between Dixie Trail and just west of Daisy Street to stay ahead of these and other potential underground obstacles. This testing will allow the team to formulate contingency plans if need be. 

I will keep everyone informed if we find anything interesting.

Construction update for next week;

  • Paving operations are scheduled between Brooks Avenue and Gardner Street next week, including Brooks Avenue and the Brooks parking lot;
  • Construction of tree wells between Brooks Avenue and Gardner Street will continue;
  • The brickwork on the retaining walls is scheduled for completion next week;
  • Duke Energy Progress is scheduled to install a 4’ X 4’ manhole in front of J & J auto.
  • And the installation of the new brick sidewalk between Brooks Avenue and Gardner Street will begin in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, construction will intensify between Brooks Avenue and Dixie Trail.