Smoke on the Street Tomorrow and Detours Next Weekend

Hillsborough St. sidewalk image

Posted Wednesday, June 14

It may be a bit smoky on the street tomorrow!
On Thursday, June 14, The Raleigh Public Utility Department will conduct a sanitary sewer smoke test. The testing is needed so Public Utilities, and the contractor can locate existing services along the corridor for the upcoming conversions to the new sewer main. The testing involves pumping smoke into the sanitary sewer manholes in the street to see where it comes out. The Raleigh Fire Department and businesses being affected by this testing have been notified. 

Construction is coming to the North Side!
Hillsborough Street will be closed to through traffic, starting Friday night, June 23, at 8 p.m. and is scheduled to reopen to through traffic on Monday morning at 6 a.m., while construction crews implement a new traffic pattern along Hillsborough Street.

Crews will set the new traffic control barricades along the north side of the corridor and restripe the street, switching the traffic to the south side of Hillsborough Street. 

Through traffic along Hillsborough Street will be detoured. Westbound through traffic will be detoured to Brooks Avenue to Wade Avenue to Faircloth Street, and eastbound traffic will be detoured to Faircloth Street to Wade Avenue to Brooks Avenue.

Businesses will remain open during the detour, and local traffic will be allowed during this time, with some restrictions.