Phase II Construction Activity Update

Hillsborough Street construction image

Posted Thursday, Aug. 31

In the last week, the Phase II construction activity continues between Dixie Trail and Gardner Street, with lots of activity near Brooks Avenue. Work is also underway on Shepherd Street, and on the sanitary sewer services between Shepherd Street and Dixie Trail. Notable activity along the construction corridor this week includes;

  • Multiple utility crossings between Henderson Street and Rosemary Street during the weekend through traffic detour 
  • Work at Shepherd Street has resumed; crews starting the installation of the new sanitary sewer, water main, and storm drains
  • Carolina Conduit Services Installed more underground telecommunication and electric conduits between Brooks Avenue and Dixie Trail
  • More curb, gutter, and driveway aprons were installed between Brooks Avenue and Gardener Street
  • A retaining wall at Brooks Avenue was built; the brick veneer will come at a later date
  • The two retaining walls for the transit shelters at the Brooks lot were built (concrete) and await the brick veneer
  • Southern Garden started installing tree wells between Brooks Avenue and Gardner Street 
  • Duke Energy Progress continued work on undergrounding the service connection to East Village Grill & Bar
  • The night crew continued to install sanitary sewer services to businesses between Shepherd Street and Dixie Trail

On Friday, Sept. 1, crews are scheduled to install driveway aprons at the NC State Brooks Avenue parking lot and the ManMur driveway. There will be no parking in either of these lots over the long holiday weekend so the concrete can cure properly. This work is weather dependent, and rain in the forecast for Friday may delay this task.

There is no work scheduled along the corridor on Sunday or Monday due to the holiday. Starting Tuesday crews will resume work along the corridor. Scheduled tasks along the street next week include;

  • Continued work at Shepherd Street
  • Carolina Conduit Services will continue to install the new underground telecommunication and electric duct banks
  • Certified Concrete will complete the installation of new curb and gutter between Brooks Avenue and Gardner Street
  • Southern Gardens will complete their tree well installation between Brooks Avenue and Garner Street
  • Duke Energy Progress will continue their work at East Village Grill & Bar for the underground electric service
  • An Underground Storage Tank (UST) discovered inside the right-of-way east of Bagwell Avenue will be removed

Once again we ask that pedestrians use the new sidewalks along the south side of Hillsborough Street as much as possible while work continues along the north side of the corridor. Any pedestrian traffic traveling down Brooks Avenue should take Vanderbilt Avenue to Gardner Street to cross at the designated signalized crosswalk.  Any pedestrians going down Bagwell Avenue should take Everett Street to Dixie Trail to cross at the designated signalized crosswalk.  The sidewalks along the north side of the street are not passable in many places and are inside the construction zone, which can put pedestrians at risk for injury.  Pedestrians are also a distraction to the construction workers, which puts them at risk. Even if work is not actively in progress in a section, the area is still dangerous for pedestrians. 

Crosswalks with pedestrian traffic signals are located at Gardner Street, Dixie Trail and Dan Allen Drive for access to the local businesses or to get to the south side of the street. If pedestrians need to walk inside of the work zone to gain access to business, we ask that they exercise extreme caution and wait until the workers recognize that you are there and want to cross the work zone.  Safety is everybody’s responsibility.