Paving Ms. Daisy

Posted Wednesday, April 4

The big news today, Wednesday, April 4, is that Daisy Street is having the final course of pavement put down and will be open to traffic. Daisy Street was a rather difficult street to finish up due to contaminated soil and a large amount of underground infrastructure that needed to be replaced and relocated. Yesterday pavement operations were scheduled to be completed, but the contaminated soil would not allow proper compaction of the soil under the roadway surface, so some of the soil was removed and new soil brought in, but the process took a good deal longer than was expected. The good news is Ms. Daisy will be open by end of the day and ready to receive vehicular traffic.

The new brick medians are now in place along the corridor, and Daisy Street will be open to traffic at the end of today’s paving operations. Construction is wrapping up at the Rosemary/Shepherd Street roundabout, and Pipeline Utilities has started construction on the Brooks Avenue Roundabout. Weather permitting the Brooks Avenue roundabout is scheduled to be complete by the end of April, at which time construction of the third roundabout at Dixie Trail will begin.

The City’s contractor, Pipeline Utilities is focused on the completion of the three roundabouts along the corridor. Currently, they are working to finish up the Rosemary/Shepherd Street roundabout and breaking ground on the Brooks Avenue roundabout. The benches, bike racks, and trash cans are also scheduled for installation along the south side of the street in the coming weeks, and after April 15, the rest of the plantings along the corridor are scheduled to go in.

The April Construction Update Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 10, at 2 p.m. at East Village Grill and Bar. During the meeting Project Manager, Richard Dickie will give an update on the status of the project. The project is in the home stretch, and this meeting will be full of information regarding what to expect in the next couple of months as the project come to an end.