November Week Two

Posted Thursday, November 10

It was yet another busy week along Hillsborough Street. Construction crews worked 24/7 making some good headway on many tasks along the corridor.

During the nighttime hours, Duke Energy Progress (DEP) switched electrical cables to the recently installed transmission poles along the corridor. Pipeline Utilities' night crews installed a new sanitary sewer manhole at Stanhope Avenue and then ran the line across Hillsborough Street to tie in with an existing sanitary sewer line. We do apologize that Hillsborough Street was not able to open back up to through traffic until 6:30 two days this week. Contractors ran into some unforeseen complications that hindered their progress, and they were forced to keep the road closed until the work was complete.

The daytime hours were even busier along the street this week. Construction crews worked through the weekend to install new sanitary sewer lines to Alsco Linen Service at Stanhope Avenue, and Carolina Conduit Systems (CCS) installed a small section of underground electrical duct bank completing the duct bank system from Gardner Street to the Stanhope Building.

Watermain chlorination and testing proceeded along the corridor, and sanitary sewer manhole pressure testing also took place. Temporary signal cabinets were installed at the intersections of Rosemary Street and Dixie Trail, and the temporary signal work at Dan Allen Drive was completed.

On Thursday, November 10, the last large underground electrical vault was installed on Rosemary Street. Crews will continue working on the lid of this structure next week and are expected to finish this phase of the work on Wednesday. While one of CCS’s crews were working on the vault another crew was installing junction boxes for Level 3 Communication cables, and pulling ropes through the duct bank system in preparation for the installation of electrical cables next week.

Next week looks to be just as busy. CCS Crews will start installing the duct bank from Concord Street running west to connect to the Rosemary electrical vault. CCS is also scheduled to start running electrical cable for DEP from the Stanhope building east towards Gardner Street. Level 3 Communications is scheduled to start their work. Crews will finish the watermain testing and will start working on constructing the rain garden located in front of the 2811 building. There will also be crews resuming their storm drain work running from just past Concord Street, west towards Rosemary Street. Watson Electrical is scheduled to return and install temporary signals at the Brooks Avenue intersection. PSNC is also scheduled to return next week; if they do they will be working on Friendly Drive relocating gas lines.

Until next week, stay safe in the work zone!