Nighttime Detours and More

New bus shelter and brick sidewalk between Brooks Ave. and Gardner St.

Posted Tuesday, Oct. 17

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, we held our monthly Construction Update Meeting at East Village Grill & Bar. During the meeting Project Manager, Richard Dickie gave an overview of the upcoming construction activity along the corridor. 

For the next month, the contractor will have crews working at Dixie Trail, installing a sanitary sewer main, a water main, and storm drains. At Shepherd Street, the contractor will complete the storm drains and curbing on the west side, and soon will begin installing the new roundabout. The contractor is also installing curb and gutter, driveway aprons, and the brick sidewalk between Brooks Avenue and Dixie Trail.

On Monday, October 17, a series of nighttime road closures began.  Hillsborough Street is closed to through traffic Monday night, October 16, through Thursday night, Oct. 19, and again Monday night, Oct. 23, through Thursday night, Oct. 26, and finally on Monday night, Oct. 30. 

The nighttime closures are required while crews finish the last of the sanitary sewer and water service connections, complete some storm drain crossings, and patch the roadway. 
For a full listing of the nighttime road, detours visit the Traffic Update page

Lastly, the area between Brooks Avenue and Gardner Street is starting to look good. Most of the new sidewalk is installed, and a new large bus shelter at the Brooks Parking lot has been framed up, so you can get a sense of how it will look.