The New Traffic Pattern

New traffic pattern image

Posted Monday, Feb. 26

The City’s contractor, Pipeline Utilities, completed setting a new temporary traffic pattern along Hillsborough St. on Saturday, Feb 24.  The new traffic pattern does not allow left turns into or out of driveways or most side streets along the corridor. To enter a business or side street from Hillsborough Street use the newly set up roundabout configurations, located at Brooks Avenue and Dixie Trail. The Rosemary Shepherd Street roundabout is currently under construction and has a different traffic pattern until it is completed, sometime in March.

The barrels that are delineating the medians along the corridor must stay in place. The barrels cannot be moved to allow left turns into and out of businesses or streets. Moving the barrels will only make the project take longer as the contractor will be forced to redo their work. Moving safety devices along the corridor put commuters and work crews at risk of injury and is illegal.

There is a left turn lane for westbound traffic to enter Dan Allen Drive, but there is only a right turn exiting Dan Allen Drive. Traffic wanting to turn left must utilize the roundabout at Brooks Avenue. 

Later this week crews will begin milling operations along the middle of the street between the newly installed traffic barricades. After the milling operations, the new medians along the corridor will start to take shape. 

Pedestrian crossings using the new curb ramps have been set up and are clearly marked along the corridor. There are three midblock crossings across Hillsborough Street, with a crossing on one side of each of the roundabouts.