Homecoming and Construction Activities, Oh My

Posted Friday, October 28

It is Homecoming week at NC State. It has been and will continue to be a busy week for students and alumni, but construction along the corridor also remains in full swing. Some crucial pieces to the puzzle are coming together.

On Friday evening, NC State’s Homecoming Parade will make its way down Hillsborough Street. The parade will have the street closed between Dixie Trail and Pullen Road, while the NC State Marching Band and other groups make their way down Hillsborough Street. The parade will start near the Bell Tower and make its way to Dan Allen Drive. For more information check out the Live it Up Hillsborough Street web page.

On Saturday, something big is coming to Hillsborough Street. A very large underground vault will be installed in the parking lot of the FedEx/Jersey Mike’s/Gumby’s Pizza property, adjacent to the ManMur Shopping Center.

The installation of this vault is a pivotal piece to the project. Once this vault is installed and connected to the underground electrical duct bank system Duke Energy Progress (DEP) will start their work outfitting the vaults so that the majority of overhead electrical and cable lines can be moved underground. That work will also allow DEP to begin the process of removing power poles along the south side of the corridor from Gardner Street to Friendly Avenue so that construction of the new sidewalks and street configuration can begin.

Construction crews ran into some contaminated soil while running the watermain running in front of the Stanhope on Monday, October 17. This halted their work in this area, while testing was done to determine how severely the soil was contaminated and how contractors needed to proceed. Geotech testing proved that the soil was contaminated with gasoline, probably from an abandoned underground tank nearby. This week, contractors removed the contaminated soil in the trench and brought it to a contaminated soil treatment facility where the soil will undergo bioremediation. New soil is replacing the contaminated soil, and the watermain in that area will have extra protection from the surrounding soil. The contaminated soil has been removed, and crews have resumed the watermain installation in front of the Stanhope.

Construction crews continue to install sanitary sewer lines running from Concord Street west towards Stanhope Avenue, and on Thursday night they worked with the manager of SubConscious and installed the line that runs across his driveway during the nighttime hours, so as not to disrupt his daytime business.

Crews will be installing a fire hydrant near Concord Street on Sunday night. They will be working behind barricades, and there should be minimal disruption to traffic during this work. 

Due to Halloween, there will not be any construction activity along the street on Monday night. For the rest of next week’s schedule see the schedule page

Remember that construction schedules are always subject to change. Hillsborough Street’s underground infrastructure is full of unknowns and when obstacles arise they can cause the contractors to refocus their efforts so that the project can move forward. We will do our best to update the construction schedule and send out notices via the email subscription system. If you have not signed up to receive updates, there is a subscribe box at the top of every page on this website.

Have a great week and stay safe in the work zone!