Hillsborough Street Update, May 11

Hillsborough St. image

Posted Thursday, May 11

With the end of the school year comes new construction activity.

Starting Monday, May 15, there will be activity at the intersection of Brooks Avenue. Crews will start the hardscaping on the south side of the intersection, including parts of Founders Drive. In the next three weeks, you will see the new curb and gutter and other hardscaping work completed at this intersection. While this work is being completed Founders Drive and the south side of Hillsborough Street’s entrance to Brooks Avenue will be closed to through traffic, and starting Saturday, May 20, through May 29, there will be no traffic allowed at this location. 

While the work at Founders Drive and Brooks Avenue is going on, there will also be construction activity at Friendly Drive. The last of the underground telecommunication conduit will be run across Friendly Drive. Once this work is complete, Fred Adam’s crew will be able to finish the brick sidewalk on that corner.  

Work in the middle lane of Hillsborough Street between Daisy Street and Concord Street will resume next week too. Pipeline Utilities will have a crew install the new sewer line in that area. 

Night work continues as the contractor continues new water service connections to businesses along the north side of the street. A Pipeline representative will contact businesses to schedule this work during the overnight hours to minimize any inconvenience.

One more thing, congratulations to all the graduates!