Gas Lines, Sewer Mains, and Paving, Oh My

Paving operations image

Posted Friday, March 17

On Wednesday, March 15, PSNC’s contractor, ITS closed Dixie Trail at Hillsborough Street so they can relocate a 6-inch gas main.  They requested the street stay closed Through Friday, March 17.
Pipeline crews started work in the middle lane closure between the Digitz Building and Cup a Joe’s this week to install a sanitary sewer main. The traffic is diverted to the north and south side of the street, and on-street parking is suspended during this temporary traffic shift. Customer parking for the Stanhope Building businesses (CVS, Pieology, Smoothie King, and I Hop) is in the parking deck located off Friendly Drive. Customers of Nice Price Books and Cup a Joe can park in the parking lot behind their building. The temporary traffic pattern is expected to remain in effect for 60 days. 
Crews have started paving operations between Gardner Street and Brooks Avenue. Crews are installing the asphalt base on Friday, March 17. The work on Friday will be behind the barricades inside the work zone so there should be minimal disturbance to the traffic flow along the corridor. 
I had a chance to get out and take some progress pictures on Friday, March 17; they are located on our Facebook page in the winter album. Construction crews are working on the hardscaping along the corridor, and it is starting to come together.