Crews Protect Trees

tree battens

Last week saw the beginning of construction along the street and construction crews were busy along the corridor doing a variety of different things.

Tree protection crews were out installing special enhanced tree protection fencing in areas on the south side of the corridor and some trees even received tree battens, basically padding for trees.

Contractors set traffic control devices along the construction corridor and established new traffic patterns. Make sure to be alert and drive slowly through the work zone. There are some sidewalks on the south side of the street that are closed during this phase of construction. Contractors installed pedestrian detours along the street, and we urge pedestrians to use the detour routes and not cross through the construction zones, as this can be dangerous.

This week also saw the beginning of new sanitary sewer line installation between Dixie Trail and Bagwell Avenue and between Gardner Street and Brooks Avenue.

Some of the work along Hillsborough Street must be completed during the nighttime hours due to the high levels of traffic along the corridor during daylight hours. We understand that construction can be noisy and bright and are working to minimize disturbances to the residence in the area. However, there are many complexities to the Hillsborough Street Project, and there are times that the street will have to be closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, for the safety of construction crews, residents, and visitors. The street must stay open during peak traffic times and therefore night work is required during the project.

Our website is an excellent tool for finding up to date information regarding the Hillsborough Street Project, the site will be updated on a weekly basis with articles like this one and has other great information such as a weekly project schedule. The project schedule page is one that we urge the Hillsborough Street community to visit weekly. This page will provide detailed information about daily construction activity along the project corridor. It is important to note that roadway construction can be impacted by a variety of factors including weather, and therefore construction schedules can’t be an exact science and are subject to change. However, the schedules are still able to provide a basic timeframe of construction activities along the corridor.

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