Construction Update, March 29

New Medians on Hillsborough Street

Posted Thursday, March 29

Daisy Street has reopened to through traffic at Hillsborough Street. The street is still unpaved, but paving is scheduled to take place next week, weather permitting.

The parking area at East Village Grill and Bar is repaved and striped and open for parking.

The splitter islands at the Rosemary/Shepherd Street roundabout are in, and the brick crew continues to install brick pavers in the medians between Rosemary Street and Gardner Street. This roundabout is still NOT in the roundabout traffic pattern. The weather has held up some critical work at this roundabout that will require it to stay in its current traffic pattern a bit longer than expected.

Originally the City’s contractor, Pipeline Utilities, planned on starting the roundabout at Dixie Trail next week. However, due to the unexpected delays at the Rosemary/Shepherd Roundabout, it has been determined that they will start construction on the Brooks Avenue roundabout on Monday. Starting Monday, April 2 construction activities are scheduled to take place at both the Rosemary/Shepherd Street roundabout and the Brooks Avenue Roundabout. Please follow traffic signage and be aware that the full roundabout traffic pattern will not be in operation at these two intersections while the construction activities continue. The Dixie Trail/Friendly Drive roundabout will still allow full roundabout movement and can be used for U-turns.