Construction Update, August 2, 2016

The 2016-2017 school year is fast approaching, and contractors are working hard to make sure things are in order when students return to school in the coming weeks.

Crews finished installing the sanitary sewer line running from Dixie Trail to Bagwell Avenue last week and are now working on installing a manhole and sanitary sewer line at the intersection of Friendly Drive and Hillsborough Street. This work is being completed at night and requires lane closures at times. Crews are also installing a new 10’x10’ electric manhole at Brooks Avenue this week. Once that is complete, the duct bank installation will begin running from Brooks Avenue, west towards Dan Allen Drive. There is also ongoing water line installation along the south side of the street from Brooks Avenue towards Dan Allen Drive.

Private utility companies are working in the construction zone as well. PSNC continues their work on the south side of the street relocating the gas line, working from the private drive across from Bagwell Avenue and moving east towards Dan Allen Drive. Duke Energy Progress is scheduled to begin their transmission pole relocations two weekends in August, this coming weekend, August 6 and August 7 and then again on August 27 and August 28.  They will close the westbound lane from Brooks Avenue to Shepherd Street and detour the traffic via Brooks Avenue to Wade Avenue to Faircloth Street during the time they are working.  The work will start at the two transmission poles on either side of Shepard Street on Saturday, August 6, and Sunday, August 7. Then on Saturday, August 27, and Sunday, August 28, they will resume work at the transmission poles located at Dixie Trail and Brooks Avenue. All transmission poles are located on the north side of Hillsborough Street. Duke Energy Progress is also working on underground lines installed during the Stanhope project around Concord Street and Friendly Drive to make way for the Phase II improvements (water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage and the duct bank).  The duct bank will contain the electric distribution lines and telecommunication lines that are currently on overhead poles.  Once the lines are in the duct bank and functioning, the overhead lines and poles will be removed.