Construction Progress, July 25, 2016

The hot weather did not stop construction progress along Hillsborough Street last week, as contractors and private utility companies continued to work along the corridor full steam ahead.

Night work continued along the corridor installing over 100 linear feet of new sanitary sewer line between Dixie Trail and Bagwell Avenue. This week contractors will continue installing the sanitary sewer line along this section of the street moving to the east (towards downtown). This section is located in the center of the street and requires lane closures for work to be completed safely. Please remember when driving through the construction zone, even at night, to stay alert to construction crews, flaggers, and possible detours. 

During daytime hours crews worked on the sanitary sewer line running from Gardner Street towards Brooks Avenue along the south side of Hillsborough Street. Waterline installation also began along that section of the street and will continue this week as well.

Between Brooks Avenue and Dan Allen Drive, eight more trees received extra protection in the way of tree battens, and PSNC started to relocate the gas line along the south side of Hillsborough Street, between the private drive across from Bagwell Avenue and Dan Allen Drive.

This week looks like another hot one, but construction will still be moving along. Some things to keep an eye out for are:

  • Installation of the new duct bank will continue from the private drive across from Bagwell Avenue towards Dixie Trail
  • Installation of the water line from Gardner Street towards Brooks Avenue will continue
  • PSNC should finish the relocation of the gas line between the private drive and Dan Allen Drive
  • Night work will continue as contractors work on installing the sanitary sewer line between Dixie Trail and Bagwell Avenue.

With all this work along the street, we feel it is important to reiterate the importance of staying safe in the work zone. It is important for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to stay alert along the corridor and pay close attention to construction signage and detours. For cyclists along the corridor, it is recommended that bicyclists that feel comfortable doing so take the lane when riding through the construction zone. Otherwise, Clark/Everett is the recommended alternate route to Hillsborough St.