Brooks Avenue and Founders Drive

Construction activity at Brooks Avenue and Founders Drive

Posted Thursday, May 25

The last two weeks has seen construction crews focused on installing the concrete curb and gutter and other hardscaping at the Brooks Avenue and Founders Drive intersection. Due to the rain this week Raleigh Paving was not able to start paving operations on Thursday, May 25, as scheduled. Paving operations are now scheduled to begin on Friday, May 26. This schedule is contingent on the weather. Brooks Avenue will have construction activity until June 5, while crews continue to install the brick sidewalks and other hardscaping at the intersection. Due to the poor weather conditions this week, the decorative pavement markings at the intersection are being delayed, and that work will be rescheduled later in the year.  

This week, Friendly Drive will have a telecommunications duct bank run across the street at Hillsborough Street. The work requires the intersection of Friendly Drive and Hillsborough Street to be closed. On Thursday, May 25, and Friday, May 26, Friendly Drive is scheduled to be closed to traffic at the Hillsborough Street Intersection, while crews install the underground duct bank. A detour will be implemented each morning, and the road will be opened back up to normal traffic flow in the evenings.

Upon the completion of the duct bank installation at Friendly Drive, Fred Adams will complete the brick sidewalks on the east side of the intersection, completing the brick sidewalk along the south side of the project.

The water main work at Daisy Street still needs to be addressed. The night crew is working full steam ahead, getting water services connected to businesses along the north side. Weather permitting the services should all be switched over by Thursday, June 1, allowing the old water main to be cut and capped. With the old line capped and the leaking valves no longer an issue, the new water main to Daisy Street can be installed. 

Lastly, June is upon us, and the middle of June crews will start construction on the north side. We have one more public construction update meeting (Coffee Talk) before the switch takes place, and we encourage businesses to attend this meeting. If you are unable to attend, then send a representative. We will have a map of the work that will take place along the north side, and you will be able to see what construction activity your business will encounter. The meeting is on Tuesday, June 13, at 10 a.m. at the Stanhope. We hope to see a good number of the north side businesses in attendance.