Roundabouts and Stormwater

The first half of the Shepherd and Rosemary Street roundabout

Posted Monday, Dec. 7

Today is the first day of final examinations at NC State. Good luck to all the students! Soon the NC State campus will be quiet as students head home for the holidays, but construction along the corridor will continue up to December 21 and will resume on January 2.

The roundabout at Shepherd and Rosemary Streets is halfway completed. The contractor will start work on the Rosemary side of the roundabout after the curb and gutter and sidewalk work is completed along the north side of the street between Shepherd Street and Concord Street. When this happens, a new traffic pattern will be in effect, so stay tuned and pay attention to all roadway signs.

The stormwater work between Daisy Street and Dixie Trail is moving along. The contractor had a gas line and telecommunication line conflict near College Beverage the last week of November but was able to resolve the issue quickly. Currently, the crew is working on storm drains on Dixie Trail. Once the new storm drain system is complete on Dixie Trail, the contractor will start the storm drain work on Daisy Street.
The new sidewalk along the north side of the corridor now runs from Gardner Street to Bagwell Avenue. For the next few weeks, the brick crew is scheduled to install the sidewalk at Shepherd Street running towards Daisy Street. They will be back to install the sidewalk from Bagwell Avenue to Dixie Trail once the Shepherd Street section is completed. The contractor is focusing on the Shepherd Street sidewalks so they can start the second half of the roundabout.

This winter, we expect to see a lot of work completed on the north side of the street. To get information about the construction schedule, we invite merchants, residents and property owners to our monthly Construction Update Meeting held on Tuesday, Dec. 12, at 2 p.m. at East Village Grill & Bar. This month we will talk about the Rosemary and Shepherd Street roundabout and when to expect the new roundabout traffic pattern to be put in place.