Pavement Markings are Complete

New pavement markings on Hillsborough Street

Posted Friday, June 29

The Pavement Markings are complete. The benches and bike racks are installed. The City finished installing the last of nine Big Belly trash and recycling stations along the corridor. Now what?

The City’s contractor, Pipeline Utilities, is about 99 percent complete with the project. They are working on a few punch list items and waiting for a couple of private utility companies to finish relocation work so that Duke Energy can pull the remaining distribution poles along the north side of the corridor. Once the poles are gone, crews will fill in the missing bricks in the sidewalk where the poles used to be. At that point, Pipeline Utilities' part of the project will be complete.

The two items that remain are the public art and the benches at the rain garden. The public art is scheduled for installation late this summer. And, the City is working with the designer on the best option for the benches at the rain garden. The City will install benches once they arrive.  

The formal ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled to take place during Packapalooza, on August 25. The City will post details as the event draws closer.