Construction Updates and More

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Posted Thursday, February 2

Construction updates:

We are starting to see some above ground construction activity along the corridor this week, here are some of the construction highlights:

  • Power poles came down, between Dan Allen Drive and Gardner Street this week. This is wonderful news for the contractors, now that the poles are gone in this section of the corridor crews can start installing the new curb and gutter, brick paver sidewalks, and the stormwater system from Gardner Street to Dan Allen Drive. (Duke is scheduled to remove poles from Dan Allen to Friendly Drive next week)
  • Curb and gutter was poured along the west side of Shepherd Street earlier this week, and crews are now installing wheelchair ramps at the private drive and Dan Allen Drive near the 2811 Building.
  • A retaining wall is being built in front of Fincastle Apartments, near Rosemary Street. The wall is on schedule for completion this week.
  • Watson Electrical is installing new temporary traffic signals at the Rosemary and Shepherd Street intersection and completed some traffic signal work last Friday at Brooks Avenue.
  • Carolina Conduit Systems is setting cable and electrical junction boxes and setting the new street light bases along the south side of the street.

It is the nature of any construction project that unexpected stuff happens. This week a construction crew member cut through an electrical wire, and the power was cut off to about 600 Duke Progress Energy customers around Hillsborough Street for about six hours. The wire was cut while cutting through an empty, abandoned conduit. Luckily no one was hurt.

Night Work Continues:

Due to the logistics of some of the work along the corridor, as well as safety for the construction crews and a large amount of vehicular and pedestrian traffic during the daytime hours, nighttime work along the corridor is necessary.

Currently, the night crew is working on water services along Hillsborough Street. Contractors are connecting businesses to the new watermain that was recently installed along the south side of the street. They are bringing new service lines from the new watermain on the south side of Hillsborough Street to the north side of Hillsborough Street. Normally, this would require that contractors close the street, saw cut the pavement across the street and dig a ditch to place the pipe in. Contractors are required to keep Hillsborough Street open during the daytime hours, meaning this work needs to be completed during the overnight hours.

In an effort to keep noise disturbance to a minimum, the contractor purchased a boring machine that pushes the pipe across the street under the pavement, eliminating a good deal of noisy cutting and digging. However, there is still some saw cutting and digging that has to take place on either side of the street to set up the machine and connect the pipes. The connection still requires a whole to be dug on both sides of the street. This work still needs to take place during the nighttime hours for pedestrian and vehicular safety.


It has been brought to our attention that people are posing as asphalt contractors working for Pipeline Utilities, soliciting work along the corridor. They do not work for Pipeline Utilities, and the company is illegitimate. Independent contractors that are working for Pipeline Utilities should not solicit your businesses along the corridor. If they do, please notify the contractor or the Project Manager.