Construction Updates and Contaminated Soil

Posted Thursday, January 26

The warm January weather is perfect for the installation of the new curb and gutter along the south side of the street. Contractors just finished the installation of new sidewalk, driveways aprons, curb ramps and curb and gutter near the intersection of Stanhope Avenue, and are now installing the curb and gutter from Friendly Drive to Dan Allen Drive. Next week, weather permitting, crews will install the curb and gutter from Dan Allen Drive to Brooks Avenue and at Shepherd Street.

On Monday, January 30, Duke Energy Progress is scheduled to start removing poles along the south side of Hillsborough Street from Gardner Street to Dan Allen Drive, and if all goes smoothly, they expect the poles to be removed by Wednesday.

While working on Dixie Trail, next to Campus Auto, PSNC ran into contaminated soil. There are high levels of petroleum in the soil which makes it unsuitable. Contaminated soil must be tested. The testing determines what processes must be taken to remove and dispose of the soil. The soil is then brought to a facility where the soil goes through a decontamination process.

PSNC had to stop work on the relocation of their gas lines due to the contaminated soil. They are currently working on new plans for the relocation of their gas lines at Dixie Trail outside of the area of contamination. We hope that they will have a revised plan soon and that this will not cause too long a delay in their work.

Phase II happens to have four old gas stations located along the corridor, and so far, contaminated soil has been detected at three of the four sites. The City was aware that the old Soto’s location at Shepherds Street had a large amount of contaminated soil, and the removal of that soil was built into the project budget. The other locations were unknown and have caused some delays and incurred costs not planned into the project. The City recently completed some testing, and we know that when work switches to the north side contractors will encounter more of the contaminated soil. At this time we do not know how significant a problem the contaminated soil will be during the construction on the north side, but our contractors have plans in place to take care of it when it is encountered.